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 Help in Avoiding Foreclosure

If you are someone who is worried about foreclosure, let me say - in all sincerity - that I am sorry that you are faced with this hardship. Because I went through a similar experience several years ago, I know how stressful it can be on family life, and how it can affect your career and relationships.

I also learned the hard way the effect a possible foreclosure can have on a credit score which can delay a fresh start, raise insurance rates and effect your future employment.

Unfortunately, foreclosures are happening more and more often. Last year, there were over 1.2 million foreclosures in the U.S  Sadly the main causes were divorce, job loss, tragic accidents, deaths and badly constructed loans.

On this site I have included information about where to get help to avoid foreclosure as well as the foreclosure and "short sale " process in Minnesota.

Like most realtors who may be contacting you,  I want to sell your home (AT NO COST TO YOU) but I also want to make certain it is done right and you are protected in the years to come.  To do this I have retained a group of attorneys to represent clients like you who are facing foreclosure. 
Since I am responsible for their fee there is NO CHARGE to you as a homeowner for this service.

Please email me or call.  All conversations held in strict confidence
Avoiding Foreclosures